Inr machine

INR Tests

International Normalized Ratio (INR) is a blood test that measures the time it takes for blood to clot. This test is usually administered on people taking anticoagulants or bloo...

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Blood clot leg

Blood Clot in Leg (DVT/Deep Vein Thrombosis) Symptoms, Tests, Diagnosis and Treatment

In this article, we'll explain to you in plain english the signs and symptoms you may face when you have a blood clot in your leg (dvt/deep vein thrombosis), what tests doctors ...

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Coumadin diet decisions

The Definitive Coumadin Diet Guide

One of the first things a person hears when prescribed Coumadin (Warfarin) is that Vitamin K interacts with it and to be mindful about their diet. But what does that mean exactly?

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Top 50 holiday recipes

Top 50 Holiday Recipes For Warfarin Patients

If you're on warfarin the holiday season can get really stressful. You have to make sure everything fits properly into your coumadin diet. We've got you covered with these 50 re...

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The Valentine’s Warfarin Diet Guide

This guide will answer all your questions regarding Warfarin and traditional romantic dinner meals, decadent treats, movie theater food, and activities.

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