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Hello, I'm new on Warfarin and was told it was probably going to be for life. I have Protein S Deficiency and have had 7 miscarriages due to that. Thankfully I was able to have a baby but on my 18 week of pregnancy I developed a DVT ( I'll admit it was due to negligence on my part since I've had so many losses and this pregnancy was going so well I didn't go to the dr because I was scared of bad news and so I did not do my Lovenox treatment) in the hospital they did Lovenox shots and once dc I had to give myself 2 shots daily fpr the remaining of pregnancy. I was told after I gave birth I was probably.going to be on Coumadin but I didn't pay to much attention to that I thought it was just a pill no biggie I just wanted my baby. Well I gave birth and they told me I need to go to PCP for my INR and again I didn't pay attention ( my baby was a born prematurely and with a bad case of Jaundice so the first 2 weeks she had to be in the hospital so pf course I didn't even think about my INR) I received a called from my OBGYN asking If I had my INR done and when I said no they told me I need it to make an appt ASAP so I did and when I went my INR was 0.9 so I was prescribed Coumadin and Lovenox and once my INR got to my range level which is 2 to 3 then I would be off Lovenox. Well another negligence on my part with a newborn and again not giving the importance this pill needed sometimes I would forget to take a dose or would take the incorrect dose and one night I had a seizure at home and ambulance took me to hospital where I had another one so they did all kind of tests including and MRI and discovered I had had a mini stroke or TIA due to a clot I developed on a vein in the brain. It's been rough for me now I live in fear all day every day and after 3 months and this time I have been really good with treatments and have never missed a dose I still have to have it checked weekly because sometimes it's high (my highest has been 3.6) it has never fallen under 2 thank God but it's not steady. I'm so scared and I just need it to vent. Thanks

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