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Commented on Does it require heparin injection if INR around 1.7? 24 days ago

What did the doctor recommend? They must have prescribed her the heparin to start with? Thats the most important thing they are the experts. The longer the INR is below target range the greater the risk of incidence increases, I'm assuming her warfarin dosing is managed by her doctor or a clinic? Did they increase her dose? I self test and self manage my dosing so its a bit different for me but if i have an INR below range I take a one off dose usually 20% higher than my normal dose and then increase by 0.5mg per day and retest after a week. This page gives some good suggestions for dosing

Commented on holy basel about 2 months ago

I just read a bit about it and from what it said it can both raise and lower your INR (more raise) , I would think if you were able to effectively see the effect, take it consistantly and monitor the effects so you can adjust your warfarin dose accordingly to keep yourself in range then it's quite do-able. I self test weekly with a coaguchek XS so when you say monitor INR would you be testing weekly, monthly or longer? I would think weekly would be a must so if there is any untoward increase/decrease your dose can be adjusted promptly to maintain a safe INR. I think discuss it with your doctor or coag management to keep it safe :-)

Commented on Effect of Vitamin K on INR 2 months ago

Um they have that around the wrong way, your liver uses vit K to produce the clotting agent in your blood, warfarin blocks the liver being able to produce this fibrin (clotting stuff). So the more vit K you eat the more warfarin you need to counter act this process to bring your INR into range, but unless you eat a very large amount of greens and only once in a blue moon the affects are relatively predictable with a normal diet. At a guess perhaps with pneumonia your liver was busy trying to fight infection so it's function was reduced so the warfarin wasn't being metabolised as quickly hence the 6.6 INR. Things like antibiotics will make it go up (mines been up to 7.7 on antibiotics), also cranberry and grapefruit juice may affect it considerably.

Commented on PRADAXA 150MG about 1 year ago

INR is not a viable option when assessing the use of dabigatran or rivaroxaban. Additionally, PT is not a viable option when monitoring a patient on dabigatran. However, PT may be an option for monitoring select patients on rivaroxaban until more reliable standardized tests are developed. Methods of measuring the effectiveness of these agents are currently being developed and tested; however, until they are made available, the existing tests may be adapted to be used in a more effective manner.

Commented on education about INR, blood clots and daily diet 4 months ago

this blog may be helpful

Commented on How to get INR up?? HELP?? 6 months ago

"they say because of my weight I can only have so much. " what do they mean by this ??? the amount you "need "is irrelavant what matters is the INR is in range, I'm on 9 mg a day, my dad is only on 2 mg,my uncle was on 11 mg a day, I read about a number of people on 15 mg a day and I think the really high daily dose required to have an INR in range was somewhere around 100 mg a day. Some people metabolise warfarin a lot faster than others so therefore need higher doses to be therapeutic

Commented on INR result is below normal 5 months ago

So if you add up all those doses to 60 mg a week and divde that by 7 days, it works out very close to 8.5 mg a day average. IMO it looks like she needs her dosage increased, small increments perhaps to 9 mg per day (which incidently is my daily dose) , having a range of pills helps also, I have 1 mg, 3 mg and 5 mg pills. Also 7.5mg to 10 mgs and back down to 7.5 mg over a few days is a large variation, I never vary my dose under normal circumstances by any more than 1 mg per day. Basics for dosing are INR too low increase dose, INR too high reduce dose. Found this blog, found it helpful also-

Commented on I'm new to this and very overwhelmed! 5 months ago

I'm a warfarin lifer (2 years so far) and all I ever do is eat the same as what I've always eaten, I'm still finding foods I eat regularly are listed on websites as high vitamin K beware etc, you get the gist its not doom and gloom, I test INR weekly and do fine. Some hopefully helpful links I've come across-


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