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Merrill, Some things I noticed causes my sons INR to get too high are: Upset stomach, diarrhea, stress, increase in vit c, d or e, not eating a diet consistent in vitamin k, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice and otc medicines. (I know there were more things than this, but these are all I can remember off the top of my head.) I do know your stomach creates it's own vitamin k and when you have stomach issues it will throw off your inr. Yes, I agree it scary when your inr values get too high. I'm surprised that you haven't had more serious issues with it being that high. I hope you get it controlled soon.

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Thank you :)

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Merrill, Do you know what might have prompted the high inr level?

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Veronica, First I wanted to say Thank You very much for creating this site! I created a user ID for my son who is on Coumadin. I stumbled on your site because I was looking for symptoms of High INR values and a way to manipulate his therapeutic levels with food. He is having a reaction that I am almost positive it is related to his Coumadin therapy. A few days ago he started developing hives/rash on his arms and legs, then it started spreading to his feet and hands and swelling began. It was deep red and painful. At first we tried some hydrocortisone and it helped some, but the next day I started increasing his vitamin K intake and it helped even more. I am taking him in later today to have another pt/inr test and if it's still in the high range that will confirm my suspicion. (although increasing vegetables in his diet might skew the results). I'm afraid of giving him too much veggies with vit k in case it reduces his levels too much and am trying to figure out how to use this site to judge how much he is getting. I know from past experience when it's really high I can give him a cup of green tea and a cup of cooked broccoli and it will bring his levels down (that time his inr was 6+ and the tea/broccoli brought it down to 2!) Do you know if there is an easy way to see how much he has already had and how much more he needs to lower his levels safely by a few points? (maybe based on weight, dosage and vit k food intake history) Not sure how to get the best use out of site in regards to this. I tried to go to reports to see what his intake of vitamin k was, but didn't see it. Is there something I'm missing on this? Any help would be appreciated. He's been on Coumadin since he was 4 (st. judes mitral valve) and he is almost 16. This is a new reaction he is having to the med's. We are a bit scared that it might be doing long term damage with all the med's he's on. I was rather surprised reading your story that they started you on 5 mg a day. My son weighs 141 lbs and he has just been upped to 4 mg daily (which is also the reason I have to increase his vit k intake, because I know from prior experience this dose is too high unless I adjust his food). Of course I am presuming that a college co-ed would weigh less than this :) - excuse my presumptions if I'm incorrect. But I also know that everyone is different and people of the same weight will react differently to the same dose. Anyhow, It's very nice to meet you and again, the work you and Pavan have done on this site is very much appreciated and needed! Christina

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