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Hi ~ I've been treated for blood clots, twice now! I started out the first time on Lovanox shots and warfarin. I had to do the shots twice a day, 12 hrs. apart and also took the oral medication. Once my INR was therapeutic, between 2 & 3 I was able to stop the shots. They were awfully.... burned and my stomach bruised from them. Never did they say I only had to do shots. I was again diagnosed a little over two months ago with another blood clot and started on Eliquis. I did not like the way it made me feel and it caused my major anxiety (and it's really expensive). I made the decision to switch back to warfarin and had to do the Lovanox shots again, twice a day until I was between the 2 & 3 mark. I am currently only on the warfarin. Long story short, I definitely be asking questions as to why no oral meds can be taken. There are several in which you don't have to do shots, you just take the meds. And with warfarin, you have to get blood checks to ensure your blood doesn't get too thin. Hopefully some of this is helpful!


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