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inr is 4.0

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The foods you consume will give you enough vit. k. If not then eat something with a little higher vit k but only if you are to thin. You never want to take a vit. k supplement being on warfarin. It can be very dangerous.

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got my inr checked yesterday and after they changed my warfarin dosage last week and after eating the cole slaw, my inr was 2.8. my target range is 2.5-3.5. im relieved to have a good number again. thank you for replying, its really nice to be able to talk to someone about this. I always check vitamin k content in food and what medicine will alter inr. the Coumadin clinic said they wish everyone took it as serious as me. warfarin is nothing to take lightly.

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thank you. I did eat some cole slaw, thought it would be ok because I was so thin. get my inr checked tomorrow.

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eating a lot of foods high in vitamin k is not a good idea. if yu are feeling that bad you might need to go to the ER. they will check your inr

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