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Hello alx87017! I too, have had problems regulating my Warfarin (for over 5 years)! The first year my Warfarin level dropped to below 1.7 and I had a stroke! (I have an artificial heart valve). Over the years my Warfarin level has either gone to high (mine was as high as 8) and as low as 1.5 and everywhere in between! Last spring my Dr. put me on a regimen of alternating from 7.5 mg one night and 5mg the next night and 6 months later I am still stable at between 2.5 and 3.5! Before any changes to my dosage would result in my level getting way off. Ask your Dr. and see if it's possible/feasible to try alternating your dosage. Also, I too, avoid dark leafy greens. Because I love and crave salads, I try to eat Ice Berg lettuce in my salad with onion, celery, carrots and tomatoes! Again check with your Dr. before you try anything different. Also be sure to check the Vitamin K content of ANYTHING you are wanting to eat and if there is a high content of Vitamin K avoid eating it. Anything that has some Vitamin K, only in moderation. I am 58. I had several (4) heart attacks in December of 2011 and open heart surgery in March of 2012. That November I had a mild stroke. I am doing the best I ever have since! Hang in there! I was told that I was one of those people that Wafarin does not regulate with. I am now stable for six months and counting! I pray this info helps you! God bless you! Scott Doty

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