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INR gone up

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Hi, I think so - my surgery has been put back due to my INR being erratic - since my high reading it's been too low!! Oh how frustrating. I've bought a coaguchek and just waiting for it to be delivered so I can keep more of an eye on it myself. I'm having an ablation so I will need to get in the 2.5 - 3.5 range for a minimum of 4 weeks before they will operate - so even one off target reading puts me back. Thanks to everyone for your help.

Commented on INR gone up about 5 years ago

Thanks very much Pavan. I am surprised that the Dr didn't reduce the warfarin as well. Also, last Friday they said to come back in 4 weeks and continue on 7mg - it's only when I said no my surgeon asked for weekly readings that they agreed to check it this week - well it's a good job they did! I am not really scared and want it doing more often!

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