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I switched to Warfarin three weeks ago mainly to eat grapefruit. The subject of greens came up (via.K) and was told I can eat greens but keep it consistant. Salad one night, broccoli the next, green beans, salad etc. Has anyone heard of this or is on this type of diet.

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My story started around 2 years ago after my right knee replacement with 2 DVT. A couple weeks later I went for a bloodiest and was put on Lovenox and coumadin which is a vial, needle do it your self injection. I did this for about 3 months and came off of it. I stopped all thinner's then. The next year I had my left knee total replacement and after a few days, they found 2 DVT in my leg and 2 PE's. Blood thinners once again. I have been on this for a short time and I asked to be switched to Eliquis which requires no more blood tests. I thought alright. Had a checkup about my clots. I told the PA that my leg was swollen much more than my right and had a severe headache for day's. That pushed them to do a bloodiest and a ultra sound which they found a 5th one as a PE. Resolution: I will probably be on blood thinner's the rest of my life but the one good new's is I can eat grapefruit on Warafin and greens as long as you eat them consistently. Even though it is a pain, it is keeping me going. Yes I have down day's but who doesn't. Good luck to all the blood clotters out there. It is definitely worth it. My highest INRwas 5.95 Next visit within 6 days my INR was !.06 so I go from up to down and just hope i can get it stabilized soon

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