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I have been on Warfarin since 8/18/13 when I suffered a massive DVT & BI-LATERAL PE. I am a Warfarin lifer. I do my own weekly blood testing with a CoaguChek XS meter. During the past 3 years I have been in the Therapeutic range with some changes here and there. My question to you is that in the past 3 weeks my INR went from 2.4 to .09 and today 1.0. I call my Coumadin nurse week ingredients with the results and she then gives me my doseage. I was taking 47 Mgmt a week but it has not helped. What could have caused this sudden drop and it won't go up? I have a sinus cold and take Mucinex per the nurse and have no other symptoms of a possible blood clot. I don't eat dark green veggies and follow my daily routine to the letter. This is scaring the he'll out of me. I never want to go through any experience like that. Thanks for your help.

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