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Hi I just recently found out that I have both protein C and protein s deficiency I am a 36 year old female. Protein C and protein s deficiency is a genetic condition I was adopted when I was seven months old so I didn't have access to any family history I've had three strokes and two heart attacks and finally was able to see a cardiologist that I haven't ever seen before and he is the one that looked at me and within a matter of minutes he tested me for protein C and protein s and the very next day they called me and told me that it came back saying that I do have that deficiency I have been on coumadin for little over 2 years now I have my first DVT in 2010 but don't Coumadin for a short while and then the doctor took me off of it I am now on it for the rest of my life currently I am taking three different blood thinners because I had a heart catherization in August of 2017 and I had to stop my Coumadin for a couple days so that I could have the heart catheterization which led to me having a thrombosis and my right radial artery since then I have been fighting with low Warfarin levels and will be going to the doctor later on today too see if I have a DVT in my leg once more.

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