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Feeling off with a crazy INR

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Commented on My Name is Veronica, Co-Founder of INR Tracker, and I have a blood clotting disorder. Ask me anything. over 5 years ago

The hospital did the US and claimed it was clear yet 4days later I was admitted cause I had clots in both lungs.I have never been given an MRI.Can an MRI show the real cause of why Id be getting the clots?? My bio father told me that he had a clot and needed a stent cause his artery was blocked.Im thinking I have something genetic that they are over looking and Im afraid Im gonna die before they figure it out.

Commented on My Name is Veronica, Co-Founder of INR Tracker, and I have a blood clotting disorder. Ask me anything. over 5 years ago

When I was 18 I had what I thought was my asthma really acting up.I couldnt carry a conversation,or walk 2feet without breathing very fast n deeply.My mother had made and appt with the cardiologist because she knew that something was wrong.The following day I went to my appt and he ran an echo in his office,he told us something didnt look right and head over to the ER and he'd meet us there.I had to have a test done in radiology(Not a CT tho) and within 5mins he told me I was being admitted right then and there and that I had a PE in my left lung,if I didnt stay I would die in in 24hrs! I spent 2days in ICU and then 5 in PCU ended up on coumadin for 1.5yrs and taken off..The cause they gave me then was birth control so for the next 13yrs or so I never took any form of BC and was fine.Last yr I had 2 deaths in 3days and 1 was my mother.I started to get lower calf pain the day after I had to make the arrangements at the funeral home and thought it was just from wearing heels.Over the next few days the pain seemed to get worse so on memorial day I went to the ER because I couldnt put any pressure on my left leg.I was put into a room with 4 other people,one being an older woman with spurs that had pain in her calf as well.The PCP I had wanted to give me a shot of lovenox and send me home with a paper to come back into the hospital the next day for an ultrasound.I told her thats not how it works with having had a previous DVT/PE and that she needed to run a D-Dimer.She had the lab come and take the blood for that test,and told me the US tech would be coming in because the older woman required one as well.I went for my US first because I was a risk.Im guessing about 1hr passed and both myself and the older woman both went to have them done and were waiting for results.My womans MD came in and told her she had a clot and was being admitted,5mins later the PCP came in and told me to go home.On tuesday I had gone over a friends house and just walking up her driveway about killed me,my back hurt,heart was racing and I felt clogged in the chest.I seen my own PCP that Thursday and she told me that they NEVER ran the D-Dimer at the hospital and she would do one just to be safe.I had a follow up with my Cardio the next day so she said keep that appt to be on the safe side.The next morning the nurse called and told me my D-Dimer was extremely elevated and that I needed to see the Cardio asap! I seen him and he then ordered me to go have bloodwork done and scheduled a CT for sat morning.I went and had my CT and low and behold I had a PE in Both lungs! I was admitted for 6days and now im on medication for life.The hematologist I had to follow up with was the one I had when I was a teen and he said he was wrong that the BC didnt cause it.He ran tons of test and has no answers as to why it happened.

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