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Commented on My Name is Veronica, Co-Founder of INR Tracker, and I have a blood clotting disorder. Ask me anything. over 5 years ago

Hi veronica, I have my own personal story: i short, only 2-months ago, I had a stroke, with "balloon" surgery on a clogged vessel on the right side of my neck, which left me permanently blind in my left eye? And now the doctors want me to decide if I want to proceed with life threatening additional surgery to farther clean and replace a piece of vessel in my neck. Until 2-month ago, I was considered health by my doctors (who did not bother to check the accumulated gunk in the blood vessels of my neck, ) and I was an active person with plans for my future. I knew that on my father's side I have a DNA "gift" of clogged vessels, but the problems with my father started only in his mid. 70s, and with his heart, while I am only 66 years old, and just came back to school with a plan to finish my PhD, read, research, and write...and much much more. I am still in an emotional shock. I don't know how to be sick and I hate the bunch of pills I have to take each day. I started reading about the controversial opinions about medicine related to narrowing/clogged blood vessels, and it seems like mayhem of no verified conclusion--which is more scary than anything, because it seems I have to be my own doctor--without a clue--only scattered opinion ?! In my dire new condition, I am looking for some solid ground to stand on--HELP PS: I don't even know if I posted the right treatment, because the terms re still unknown to me. Instead I details the condition and future medical "plans."

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