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INR 9.0 no warfrin x2 days

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Yes just fine steady 2.4 INR taking 2mg Warfarin per day- I just think they were giving me too much before. Thanks for your inquiry.

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Simvastatin, Metoprolol Tartrate, Allopurinol, Isosorbide, Pantoprazole- My diet every thing all the same except for the small amount of canned spinnach I had the 3 days prior to the 9.0 The only change I can really pin down is the warfarin I was taking; 2mg x5 days & 3mg x2 days for two wks, then INR = 1.0 Clinic said my INR was too low- instructed me to take; 4mg per day every day for 2 wks, but I refused because I was afraid it was too much. I've never taken 4mg before. Instead I agreed to take; 4mg x3 days & 2mg x4 days for 1 wk, then INR = 1.8 Clinic said INR still low & instructed me to take; 4mg x 4 days & 2mg x3 days for 2 wks, then INR =2.8 Clinic said INR is good continue same dosage x2 wks, then INR = 9.0 Due to get INR check this Friday ???

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No Clue! Scary , Huh?

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My INR was really high today too 9.0 Had to go to clinic to get vitamin K shot- 2 wks ago INR was 2.8- 2 wks before that 1.8 INR- & 1 wk before that INR was 1.0 I ate 7oz canned spinach x3 days before the latest INR of 9.0 because I didn't feel good & thought it might help.

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