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Having trouble with "New Food/Meal Recipe

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Sounds like you got it handled. Good luck. I'm sure you are going to be happier doing your own at home. I monitor my INR's and make my own adjustments. I live with it every day, so I know better than they do what adjustments need to be made and how much. Hope you can get to the same point.

Commented on Where can I get an INR meter? about 4 years ago

I tried to buy my own machine, but found that they wanted you to be a doctor to purchase one. My doctor wrote a perscription for the INR machine and my insurance approved it as long as it was being monitored. I received the machine from MI-INR out of Florida (you can contact them). They send me test strips and they bill my insurance company. I have to call in my results once a week to MD-INR and they pass the reading on to my doctor. If anything looks unusual, then I get a call from my doctor. I have been doing this for over 8 years. It works out great.


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