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Hi, I am new to this site and my name is Liz. I have had hypertension for over 40 years, developing cardiac arrhythmia and Atrial fibrillation about ten years ago. My thyroid was completely removed in 1962 and am on Synthroid ever since. I have been on Coumadin for the A-fib for about ten years but have had three miserable GI bleeds and hospitalizations in that time, 2 requiring blood transfusions. I went off generic Coumadin (warfarin) years ago. When I had the bleeds, I believe my lab-drawn INRs were normal so don't know what caused the GI bleeds. Now on home coag checks, but last bleed, too, was while on home check. Had a TIA early on in 2003 with BP 220/110, but not hospitalized for that. I am careful what I eat; I avoid broccoli and green beans and anything else green, including salads and leafy greens so it is hard to lose weight when you can't have greens. As this is a daily ritual to eat right to maintain a good INR level, I hope to learn from this site what foods to avoid and has there been any research about cranberry juice or blueberry juice interacting with Coumadin. Even the doctors cannot answer the food & drink question, they have to look it up. You would think the doctor's office would have a pamphlet or something that you could refer to in order to know what to avoid.


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