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Mitral Valve Replacement & Gluten Intolerant and weight

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I do a finger stick test. and blood draw once a month. My machine has saved my life on at least two occasions which prompted me to go to hospital needing vitamin K or Lovenox. Blood draw may be the "designer " way for some to go. But blood draws take days to get results usually a whole week. The fingerstick is immediate and has proven my doctors wrong if I say I'm feeling weird and get tested at a hospital. I cannot qualify for medicare which would just do fingerstick from my home with their machine so what is the dislike. I was a cardiovascular coder so I know the ins and outs of the systems. And good cardiologists use fingerstick machines too.

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I have a mechanical valve my doctor tells me 90 mcg a day.It probably depends on what you are taking also. Doctors aren't very helpful concerning follow up on diet.

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Wish I could have wine. :(


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