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Hi, I recently developed a severe DVT. I had an avulsion fracture to my ankle with severe bone bruising and tendons over stretched. I couldn't really flex my calf muscle so DR's assume this caused my DVT. which is long, starting at bottom of my calf and extending up to my pelvic bone/groin area. Surgery was not an option. I was put on Xeralto. After 2months ultrasound showed clot was still same size and still considered acute. I was told to stop xeralto and start warfarin. later that same day I developed a headache that worsened into migraine type. I went to emergency room where I was told Coumadin(warfarin) was not causing the headache. I am convinced it was. Has any one else experienced this? I have been really healthy previous to this. And I feel it has effected many things subtly.


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