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Hi and thank you for this very useful program. I read your story and I thought while reading you are one very lucky Lady to have gone through all that and survived. I am also factor 5 and diagnosed back in the early nineties last century ( I feel old) My story began with swollen lower legs and a pain of 15 five above the scale of ten. Back then I was kept in hospital until my INR came to between 2 & 3. I was sent home with three injections of I think it was Heparin and went back for a test when finished the injections, they were happy with test results and said that`s it I`m done. About three months later my lower legs were so swollen I could not walk, they were three times the size of normal, calling the doctor out ( live in England and you can get home visits) and explaining what was going on he said pack a bag I`m sending an ambulance for you. Long story short I tested positive for factor 5 and now on Warfarin for life and wearing support stocking. I recently bought a tester and now call my results in instead of waiting in a room full of people with all sorts illnesses. Ken.

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