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high INR today

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INR up tp 6.4

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no new drugs

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eat about the same, i take it at 6 pm, my wife is trying to keep up with how muck VimK im getting each day.

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Thank you so much for the Inf. and God bless you

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thank God seen your page. i found out i had Factor V Leiden when my baby sister die back in 2007. her Dr. told my older sister that we all need to be checked for it. and now we all have it and our kids do to. it runs in the family. i had blood clots not just one but a lot go to my lungs. had a bypass on my left leg. and just had a blood clot in my left leg again. now my Dr. wants my INR at 2.5 to 3.5. just went yesterday and it was 6.4. but when i come out of the hospital 2 weeks ago. i went back on my Warfarin. and was sent home on 5 Lovenox shots. its like i don't know how much vim.K to get though food a day. if you can help me i would love it. back in 1996 i had a blood clot come up on my colon the size of a grapefruit. and they had to take out half of my colon. but then they did not know i had Factor V Leidon.


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