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I too am a warfarin lifer since 2006 because of a PT clot which led to the discovery of a mutant gene - Prothrombin G20210A (Factor II Mutation) My INR has always been steady at a 5mg dose every evening keeping between 2.5 & 3.5 Have had both hips replaced using the lovenox bridge, the worst was giving myself the shots & the ugly tummy bruising from them. But this New Years Day I had a heart attack from a suspected but not able to be confirmed clot or plac in a narrow branch of the aorta at the bottom of my heart. They can't tell because its too narrow (40%) for the cath to enter, to narrow for balloon or stent. The whole rest of my heart is clear, no plac or anything. Also I have no damage! So they are treating this with another medicine called CLOPIDOGREL (plavix) to make the platelets not stick together or to the walls of the blocked area.... So I basically am on 2 blood thinner now, which is kinda scary. My INR today was back where it belongs 2.9 - it had been lowered for the cath scan through my arm into my heart. Anyone else out there with a similar situation or taking plavix ?

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