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Hi; My name is Joe. About a year after my tour in Iraq. I started with severe pains in my left shin and calf that my back pain meds will not touch. ( I have back and neck nerve blocks every 6-9 months at the VA.), So, Ive been on 60mg Oxycontyin Time Released. I can tell what pain is bone pain and nerve pain. The pain in my left calf is def inside, cause I can pinch or hit the calf and the pain outside does not touch this pain inside. I hope I am describing it right. Anyhow, it hurts so bad sometimes I took a pair of pliers and I pinched my calf with the pliers-- does nothing compared to whatever is going on inside! Ive been to a couple doctors and they both did the sonogram test for dvt. Both times-negative. Ive been to a heart doctor-all tests, nuclear tests-all neg,heart fine. Ive been to a pulmonologist. He has had all kinds of tests, the pft and he did say I have copd. I take Spiriva every morning and have breating devices when I feel out of breath. Ive taken my back meds, which is a new regimine, as the morphine,oxycodone, and percs, etc all stopped for this new entended release so you are not supposed to get hooked on it. Anyhow, the new pain meds are suppoosed to be at the top of the pain meds for pain. This calf and shin pain is a 9 out of 10 and it only gives me release when i put my feet up, like when i lay on the bed to watch tv. The drs have ruled out vein blockages. Any ideas? Thanks!


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