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Well that does sound a good bit better. Glad to hear it. (except for the much higher cost!). You sounded pretty frustrated in your original post, and rightfully so I think. I'm on warfarin since 2013 - for life due to a-fib and other heart issues. I haven't really had any problems with it, but I do track most of the greens that I eat, converting them into their vitamin K equivalent in a spreadsheet and adjust every two days or so by eating more or less spinach. I test at home every two weeks and mostly stay in range 2.0-3.0. Good luck to you on those new meds.

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I look up the main items I eat at . I see how much vitamin K in 100 grams of each item and copy it into an Excel spreadsheet. I mostly only keep track of greens and high K items. Then daily I weigh these greens or high K items that I eat with a kitchen scale that measures in grams. Record it and let Excel do the multiplication. For example: romaine lettuce is 102.5ug per 100grams. If I eat 20grams of romaine on a sandwich the math in Excel is: 20/100*102.5 = 20.5ug . On my dose of coumadin I try to eat about 80ug a day to stay between 2 & 3 INR. Of course you have to work out the right avg. ug amount for your son.

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