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Tammie, the next time you see your doctor, talk to him/her and ask about what INR is, why do blood test, how use Coumadin safely and anything that you want to know, your doctor will be able to answer your questions better, but also you can do research on the internet, but be carefull some info could be wrong. I've been on Warfarin for 5 years now because I have a Genetic Blood Clotting, it's part of my DNA , you need to be careful about eating to much Vitamin K and eating green vegetables and fruits, it has Vitamin K in it and it could throw your INR numbers off, I test at home once a week and the company will let my doctor know what it is and she will make sure I'm taking the right amount of medicine. I will take time but you will understand, make sure to ask your doctor to explain and answer your questions. Good luck.

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