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According to the Haematologist. The endothelial cells grow over the clot in time and entomb it. The body then converts the (now sub-endothelial) clot with scar tissue. The body will reabsorb the blood proteins but the scar tissue is perminant. The narrowed vein then distends to censure the blood flow is not impeded. Until this happens the clot is 'at risk' of becoming detached, and travelling around the body. The entombment may be dependant on the clot size or not, the Haematologist wasn't specific about it. I asked about absorption. He said no. You have to decide what you believe for yourself.

Commented on Any way to find vitamink K levels for frozen/microwaved broccoli? over 2 years ago

It's based on weight for weight so that negates more volume

Commented on Any way to find vitamink K levels for frozen/microwaved broccoli? over 2 years ago

Cooked veg has a much higher Vit K than raw veg. This I have been led to believe that this is due to the Vit K being protein or membrane bound and cooking releases it.

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Mine is a finger stick, but there may be other trsts being carried out. Are you having both? I did because they weren't sure the finger prick test was accurate in my case.

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I've been told that the clot is not reabsorbed but endothelial cells grow over the clot which narrows the vein (by a haematologist). Exercise in moderation which is approved by a GP/Medic or Physio can be benefitial, but ONLY under advisement.

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With that INR I would be surprised that you got a DVT. Perhaps you need to be discussing what drugs you are on and are they really the best for you

Commented on My Name is Veronica, Co-Founder of INR Tracker, and I have a blood clotting disorder. Ask me anything. over 5 years ago

I was treated with Doxycycline for a bad case of Sinusitis. Unknown to all, I was highly allergic to this (0.01% of the population). I haemolysed to a Hb around 4. I was then transfused and put on steroids to stop the reaction. During that time a DVT formed in my left leg. After 3 months in the Hospital, I was released. 18 months later I formed another DVT in my left calf. I was then diagnosed with Lupus Anticoagulant syndrome (that was in 1992 - later it was named Anti-Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome [Hughes Disease]). I will be on Warfarin for life. One side issue with warfarin and APLA syndrome is Adrenal gland haemorrhages. In Oct 2015 I had Bronchial Pneumonia with Septicaemia as a complication and survived heart failure while in intensive care. I was put on an ECMO machine in the Royal Brompton (London) which allowed me to recover and heal. After surviving this critical illness I now have Primal Adrenal Insufficiency (similar to Addison's disease) as both Adrenal glands were destroyed. I am now retired and healing and getting as fit as I can. I have tried Rivaroxaban but for my condition, Warfarin with regular INR tests is the only way to go.

Commented on INR result is below normal over 3 years ago

If it's a dosing issue then they can adjust the Anti-coagulant you use to resolve this. Diet (Vit K containing foods) can also adversely affect the INR. My problem was eating too much pulse and green veg which lowered my INR

Commented on education about INR, blood clots and daily diet about 3 years ago

One of the difficulties in ensuring that you are consistent with the type of food you eat. Your body needs Vit K containing food items, BUT too much will counteract the Warfarin you take. If you eat a lot of greens and pulses, then if you are consistent in the amount then the warfarin dose can be adjusted to ensure your INR is stable. But my problem is that I cannot be consistent, so I am trying to eat the same quantity and type of food for the next 6 months to try to find a steady level. you are having the same problems as me....I think no one is good at answering that in Professional Healthcare. The dieticians avoid the subject.

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The Nurse got it mixed up. When your INR goes up too high - the GP will give you Vit K orally to drop your INR. I struggled to get my INR above 1.6 because I was eating foods containing too much Vit K (Hummus/Broccoli/Sugersnap Peas etc) then stopped Hummus for one week. The test was then >8. I've been taking Warfarin for 25 years. I'm amazed how many Health professionals don't have a clue about Warfarin problems

Commented on Does it require heparin injection if INR around 1.7? almost 3 years ago

The usual response is to increase the Warfarin dose. It's unlikely to instantly cause a clot. Also - Look at diet. If she is eating food with too much Vit K (hummus, greens) then it might be worth cutting back on them. I struggled to get my INR above 1.6, then stopped Hummus for one week. The test was then >8, so it does count. Are you certain some of the doses haven't been missed?

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