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Lovenox, Fragmin for lifetime?

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INR 7.5 & bi-pass surgeries

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Value your advice. I used to get my blood draws from the vein at the lab, and my veins got scarred and harder to work with. The hospital that did my INR tests uses a good finger stick machine and recommended to buy the same unit for home use. You can see why we all have a hard time with this. No one to this point has recommended to take Vit K; I was actually told to make sure none of my vit. and supplements contained any Vit.K in them. So, I will have to pursue that with my doctor again. Thank you.

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I am sorry about voting this down. New to this site. Appreciate your reply. My Dr. never even mentioned Vitamin K, and when I did, said the correct diet should do it. I am a small and moderate eater and drinker, but but find counting difficult. Will approach him again about Vit. K. What's a good amount to take on daily basis?

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Once again I thank you for your precious time and appreciate your input. So far, I have done nothing wrong. Never smoked. Because I was diagnosed with Lupus anticoagulant disorder with anticardiolipin antibodies, i have more trouble than most. So, I purchased my own unit for frequent monitoring of my INR, set my alarm to take my meds at the same time each night. All my life used to overdose on greens. Now, on warfarin, I am careful with those. Possibly the hardest would be to monitor the intake of vitamin K. What is the easiest way to make sure you get enough and not too much? or will this blood disorder always give me yo-yo readings. I am getting ready for a 3rd open gut bi-pass surgery in one year in spite of all these precautions. Is that normal?

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Dr. Ahmad, Thank you so much for insight and input on my super unstable INR readings. Forgot to mention 2 Pulmonary Embolism in the last 3 yrs. as well. 2 Bi-pass surgeries in 7 months only last year, and getting ready for another one. How many and how often can a person have & survive in a lifetime? Sincerely appreciate your time. halinkaii halinkaii

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