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Hello Beautiful People... My name is George and i am 40 yeras old. 4 years ago i diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse with partial insufficiency (if i am writing this correct). So every year i did a heart triplex. The past summer i did my checkup, i went for my holidays with my family and when i came back... 2 weeks latera i I felt a "weight" on my chest so i went to hospital and check it. Unfortunately... i had to replace my Mitral Valve coz the insufficiency was 3/4. So.. i lost the world under my feet.. i was so scared... i thought that i will die etc etc. 3 days later i did the surgery, almost everything wen great... except my heart's pulse.. they was only 50... So i had to place a Pacemaker also on my chest... (another hit that socked me). After all these.. finaly i was alive.. i could see my son.... When i came back at my home... i felt helpless.. i couldn't get out of bed easily on my own ... I couldn't take a bath on my one because my chest (bones) was cut and sewn. Fortunately for me, my wife was always by my side (I thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything). After 3 months I was much better but I didn't realize I had to be careful what I ate and what I didn't. Unfortunately I couldn't eat as much chocolate as I wanted ... I couldn't eat as many tomatoes or onions as I wanted ... this whole situation was very difficult for me. Even now after 8 months ... I still haven't found the "broken piece" So I have a relatively stable INR. I hope i will find it in time... To the point.... Keep smiling People... keep dreaming... throw away toxic people and situations... Enjoy life coz some times is short... Don't Give up... Cheers to all. George - Greece


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