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Hi, Just want to say great with the site i hadn't noticed it before? so im assuming its somewhat new i hope it keeps on going i like the fact there is a place you can monitor your INR, I was diagnosed with DVT in 2012 after i suffered a seizure at home just before going to work i had test done (CT and MRI) when i arrived in hospital i was told i suffered a stroke due to a clot in the right side of my brain i was lucky to be alive then 2 days later while in hospital i suffered another that may have been the result of over dosing on medication sending me to the ICU for 2 nights. But i finally recovered and got to walk out of hospital without further complications thank god! I have been on Coumadin and Tegretol ever since and have been pretty regular with my results and always between range its only today that i found it in the 3.2 mark which found me on this site. Ive been advised by my GP to cut down on my meds from 4 to 3.5 for a week then retest hopefully ill stabilize in that time.

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