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Commented on How to calculate your 90mcg of vit k 10 months ago

I use cronometer to track my calorie intake as well as my Vitamine K. All of their lab reported foods show Vit K if they contain Vit K

Commented on INR weekly testing at home 12 months ago

I use the same rubber constriction bands they use in Doctors offices and hospitals when they take a blood sample from your arm---cut it in half so it's a more convenient length then wrap it around your finger as a tourniquet just after you insert the strip into the CoaguChek. I have not had a failed test since I started doing that and I had the same problem as you before that. My worst attempt took four stips because there just wasn't enough blood and I had done all the standard finger massaging and warm water tricks. The tourniquet worked wonders

Commented on Drinking while using blood thinners about 1 year ago

With Warfarin the key is moderation. You can have a beer or two......just don't pound back 6 or 7. The same goes for greens. A serving of salad is OK, just don't eat the entire serving bowl. I've been dealing with Warfarin since April 2015 and the first year had some wild swings. I started recording everything I eat to try to figure out why and now I do that daily........ I never thought I would but I do and I understand that routine is not for everyone. Last year I started using cronometer to track my food intake/calories. Cronometer uses mainly lab analysis results for food so I now see how much Vitiman K is in the food I eat and I have set a minimum and maximum for my Vit K intake along with a min and max for alcohol and now my INR's don't take wild swings any more.


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