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Eating for right vitamin k intake

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My doc changed it to 20mg a day and it's 2.1. I just started a greens shake too. Warfarin and I had a PE November 2017

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I am on warfarin because of a pe Nov 2017. My inr was 1.9 2.0 2.2 1.6 The doc said he would move me to 15 mg everyday to regulate it. But when we first did that my inr went to 3.5. Then we went back to 10mg and 15 mg alternating and I was watching more what I eat and drink. Now it's 1.6 now he wants me to take 20mg a day. Can't say agree with it. Because he said the next step was 15 mg a day and retest. But now 20mg everyday til I retest. I'm nervous. Any tips or thoughts?

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