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Commented on INR 7.5 & bi-pass surgeries over 5 years ago

Well halinkaii, it is awesome that you are taking such a great care of your health and sticking to the timings of your medications. Don't worry so much about the overdose of Vitamin K, make a list of items that contain this vitamin. Then just keep feeding yourself in small quantities of those food items. Keep doing this on a regular basis. Not only would you ensure that you are taking vitamin K from different sources, but you would also ensure this way the proper levels of this vitamin are reaching your body. However, the mainstay of treating your illness is the stickiness to your medications and avoiding other medical prescrption/over the counter drugs (for other health conditions) during the time you are taking the Warfarin. Well, getting a third surgery in one year as such is not normal. Talk to your healthcare provider as to why you are getting these many surgeries.

Commented on INR 7.5 & bi-pass surgeries over 5 years ago

You are welcome @halinkaii. It doesn't matter how many episodes of embolisms or how many surgeries you have had in the past, as long as you stick to your prescribed medications in terms of correct dosage and timing of taking the medicine, you will be fine. As long as you take a diet rich in/supplements of "Vitamin K", you will be super-fine. Also, the most important factor is the frequent monitoring of your INR that would help you track your progress and let you be at ease. So, just forget what happened to your health in the past, change what you are doing right now to make yourself better and thus, you would be able to safeguard the future of your health.

Commented on INR 7.5 & bi-pass surgeries over 5 years ago

There might be a number of reasons as to why your INR is not remaining stable. May be you are taking diets low in Vitamin K, you are taking some over the counter medications (herbs, supplements), or you recently added a new prescription medication. Also, the dose and time of taking your prescribed medications for blood clots, as well as the shelf life of the Warfarin you are consuming affects your INR. Since you have mentioned that you underwent 2 surgeries in the recent past, the stress that your body has experienced may interfere with your INR testing. Now, whatever be the cause of your INR unstability issue, the solutions are many. You should ensure taking similar (and prescribed) doses of Warfarin each day. Ensure that you are taking a good brand of your medication. You should monitor your INR at home and should take daily supplementation of Vitamin K (in case your food doesn't contain it). Finally, if the Warfarin still doesn't work, discuss with your doctor about switching to a new oral "blood thinner" medication. This will surely help you out.

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