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Cola color urine INR 8.5

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Yes I do informed immediately to my doctor vascular surgeon who advised to stop Acitrome 6mg and recheck after 3 days, Today I rechecked and surprisingly INR was 1.1, doctor decided to give me Xarletto 20 mg, for another two months and amazed fluctuation so much of INR, further advised blood test BT,CT,D-Dimer,FDP,and a CT scan KUB to rule out bleeding source , Soon after I stop Acitrome my all back pain gone and after 24 hrs urine also become normal , doctor says lsome clots may be formed inside and it looses when INR was 8.5 so urine was cola colour , as no found in Ultrasound of KUBP he decided go for CT scan to ruled out again , Is my back pain both side just below ribs was just due to INR 8.5 ? and it gone away after 24 hrs I stop Acitrome , also my stomach become normal , which was upset last 8 days , is lever also affects due to INR 8.5 ? - To inform you I am a patient of DVT left leg first in 2007 , treated 3 years with Acitrome and was completely gone and after check Thromboprofile ,doctor stopped Acitrome , This year January all of a sudden I had DVT again in my Right Leg illiac veins , was in hospital for 4 days, Treated with low molecular heparin and was advised to take Paradaxa , which I take two month and repeated test and found no significant changes in DVT, so doctor changed to Xarletto 20 mg for another Two months and after that doctor decided to go for Acitrome 3 mg, but INR 1.3 then again change to 5 mg INR 1.9 than again after week checked INR it was again 1.9 so he decided to go with 6 mg after two days taking 6 mg , the whole problem as described happened D P Sharma (M) / Kolkata / India

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