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I have factor V and have been on warfarin for 15 years. I had a massive bloodclot in my leg after surgery in 2001. Fortunately my dr put a greenfield filter in just before the surgery- not knowing I had factor V, but just a history of dvts and pulmonary embolisms after a c-section in 1985 (factor v was only discovered late 80s? I believe) which ended up saving my life. Anyway, the last few months my hip has been killing me as is my shoulder (rotor cuff) and our hospital/medical center now has PT & chiropractic care. I just had my second treatment in two days with the tens machine and came across your blog. I was worried as my INR the past few weeks has been out of range (i have a coagacheck) low...1.9, 2.1, 1.8 last three readings. I'm thinking this might not be a good idea?

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