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My husband is 70, has had 3 surgeries since May, has been on Coumadin for years from pulmonary embolisms. Had miniscus surgery October 26 on the upper part of his knee where there are more blood vessels and nerves. Was on heparin bridge for surgery and afterward returned to Coumadin plus surgeon added Lovenox injections twice a day. Discharged over weekend to rehab, and waiting for doctor to see him Monday, developed a massive hematoma around his knee. Surgeon drained as much as he could but most will have to be absorbed which could take a year. Having trouble getting his INR regulated, running from 1.2 to 8.8. Thing is, when his INR comes down, he has a lot more pain and I think that means as the blood begins to thicken it is settling again in his knee. I am just contributing this in case anyone else might have encountered similar event. Thank you for setting up this helpful site and I hope you are doing well.


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