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Coriander powder

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I will definatley look out for a Coaguchek on e bay. He had a better result this week 2.75 (no beer) but I would still like to check him on a weekly basis. Thanks again for your interest!

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Yes, I think he had one too many beers over the more beers!

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Hi Warrick, thank you for replying!! Yes, the curry was delicious! We are living in South Africa and it doesn't seem that we have any INR trackers dealing with South African food. I think this website is fantastic but there are a lot of foods which we eat that are not on the lists as it's mostly American food and I'm finding it a bit confusing being a newby at this and trying hard to keep hubby's Vit K intake on an even keel. Didn't do too well last visit to the hospital - 4.5!! I would love to get a home test kit but nobody seems to know what I'm talking about, however, I've seen them on e-bay so that's my next stop, at least I can keep track on a weekly basis. Thanks again!

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