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Hi! I registered on the site just to respond to your message. The most important thing to consider when you are on blood thinners is your diet. Especially your Vitamin K intake. ESPECIALLY when your Warfarin dosage is high. For blood thinners to work correctly your Vitamin K intake has to be VERY consistent on a daily basis. And this is especially so in the days close to your blood test. (If you eat spinach a day or two prior to your blood test your INR will be very low, which will result in a high Warfarin dosage. If in the days to follow you don't eat spinach - your Vitamin K intake is much lower which means that the high Warfarin dosage will thin your blood way too much!) When I had to go on blood thinners I found myself faced with two options. Either have the same things to eat every day or to go into a calculation struggle to manage my Vitamin K intake on a daily basis (You can do so by calculating your total Vitamin K intake through . I found the latter to be too much work for me so I decided to follow a specific diet non-stop. I hope the above helps a little. Best of luck with whatever you do!

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