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Commented on Foods that thin your blood about 1 year ago

I take 6 daily

Commented on Foods that thin your blood about 1 year ago

I have been on coumadin for 10 years now, I am 59 years old, I manage my INR with coauguchek XS also, You can pick one up on ebay for about 500$, I am in 2-3 range 95+ percent of the time. I have never had ANY bleeds (except an occasional nose bleed) or other ill affects from the drug, when I first started taking the drug, I did a lot of research, found a guy that had been on it for 40 years, he dispelled the hair loss, bone problems and the rest of what people complain about.

Commented on Unstable INR results while on Warfarin. 9 months ago

penicillin will make your inr go up, coauguchek XS machine is what I use, I test Twice a week and I adjust dosage as necessary.

Commented on Android app or PC software that will total up vitamin K intake? 9 months ago

I have been using a coaguchek XS for 10 years, check my blood twice a week, what they don't tell you about getting enough blood to satisfy the strip, is you have to start "milking" the assigned fingers for 10 - 20 seconds before you stick, also some fingers and locations are way better than other spots, I have 2, I use each week that never fail. I am in range 100 percent of the time that way, no doctor involved, it is easy to manage dosages once you get used to it,(just like anything else). hope this helps.

Commented on Factor V leiden almost 2 years ago

you need to elaborate on you issues for an intelligent response

Commented on INR MACHINE over 1 year ago

EBAY 350$

Commented on inr testing machine over 1 year ago

EBAY 350$

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Noodles The thing people don't know about Warafin (in general) is that when you test once a month, you could be out of therapeutic range for 1/2 or more of that month. It only takes 4 days to make a clot.I test twice a week at home, I have been on warafin for 10 years now, there is a coaguchek XS just like mine on ebay for 350 dollars, with it and the strips, 144 dollars for 24, you can easily stay in range. hopefully that will solve your problems. Good Luck

Commented on My INR went from 2.5 to 12 in one day!!!! over 1 year ago

Anyone who has trouble monitoring INR on coumadin should get a coauguchek xs you can buy them online for $549, test strips are $5 each, test once a week (or more if you are high or low), i have had one for 10 years, it will teach you what happens when you change your food or alcohol intake, or the doctor gives you a medicine that interacts with coumadin, or the pharmacist give you the wrong dose. it is easy to manage once you have the proper info, it is YOUR life that is on the line.

Commented on Does it require heparin injection if INR around 1.7? over 1 year ago

I self test, that far out of range , I double my dose, test the next day, and I am usually back in range if not, I add an additional 50% of my dose that day, that usually gets me back in range, but there again, in that situation I test daily, which is probably what the doctor will make you do.

Commented on lansoprazole almost 2 years ago interaction checker is my go to source.

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