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Another newbie, but not to Warfarin. Like many stories from others, I came to it differently. I had Constant Daily Headaches for 18 years with near daily migraine flares. Neuro could find nothing, tests negative, started me on a regularly changing drug cocktail, all to no avail. Had a serious fall about 5 years into headache and was started on Fentanyl for back. Neuro upped dose to help with head pain. He finally sent me to hemotologist at local Cancer Center. Blood tests found Leiden V, Factor S problems, although no clotting issues despite 20+ in last 40 years. Dose of 5 mg 3x per week, 2.4 on alternate days. Probably on it or rest of my life now. He did a 1 person trial - I was 1st patient he treated for headache, much less with Warfarin, during his 30 year career. Obviously, it worked! Not entirely migraine free, but only 2 in last year. Off all other meds for pain since moving to medical marijuana state. An interesting point - I was told I didn't have to give up my favorite foods - spinach, broccoli, sprouts - just eat in moderation and no sudden increase in amounts. Only time INR has been off was while taking antibiotic. Good luck to all of you.


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