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Is it possible to buy a checking kit so that I can prick my finger and test it at home to see if I am on the right. I'm new to warfarin. The hospital did an ultra sound test and discovered I had DVT. They gave me the same treatment as you for three months. Then my leg swelled up again; I couldn't bend my knee or my ankle so I was sent for another ultra sound and they found a recurring blood clot so told me the only safe way was to take warfarin. I knew nothing about warfarin at the time but I am trying to get to grips with it. I was started on warfarin three weeks ago and struggling with measuring the amount in Vitamin K I actually eat. All these little bits here and there matter. Take a sandwich; the VK of butter and the VK of smoked salmon and the creamy horseradish has to be taking into account. Add a plain small piece of cake to it and the milk I add to me tea all have VK. Your site is marvellous, it is taking the strain out of the horrors of learning and feeling guilty that my warfarin levels are up over a three day period or down over a further three day period. They are going to leave it and test me every week now so that too is a bit of a relief. I am now beginning to believe I will soon get the hang of it and keep my levels of weight, protein and vitamin K stable. Thank you for your site. I am glad to have your INR Tracker system to help me now. I appreciate it very much. Barbara

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