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Sotalol & Coumadin

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I really should do my own testing when I start bruising and bleeding excessively. I had my INR done later on that day I first replied and it was 3.8 so that explains a few things. A couple days of the Warfarin plus a reduced dosage with a check up next Tuesday is the course of action. I don't avoid leafy greens altogether but I don't eat them excessively and try to regulate the intake as you've already said to avoid variances in the INR. Doctor seems to reckon headaches are not linked and could be due to stress and lack of sleep (I suffer from migraines as well.) No new bruising since I've missed the two doses. Will get a good gauge in few days once my body has realised the dosage has dropped.

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My surgeon insisted on that INR range also.

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Hi Jaci, I have been on Warfarin for 20 years after I had an aortic valve replacement at the age of nine. I've now been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which has manifested as a result of my open heart surgery. My dosage has steadily risen over the years (started off at about 2-2.5mg as a child and is around 5mg daily now,) and my management INR is 2.5-3.5 with tests taking place approximately every 4-5 weeks, and more frequently when there's issues with it being too thin or thick. It is regularly irregular. Haven't had any issues with clotting as of yet that I am aware of (thank heavens,) but do tend to have high readings resulting in adjustments to dosage. I do tend to stay away from leafy greens and regiment my diet as best as I can. Lately I seem to be suffering more bruising and headaches and random body pains though and I will be raising it with my doctor at my next consult.

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