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I too had a bicuspid aortic valve replacement with an On-X valve in Dec 2018. My INR target is between 2.0 - 3.0. and my warfarin (marevan) dosage started with 6mg and had to be raised to 10mg after a few weeks as my numbers were not climbing. I even cut out greens for a while to lift the numbers. It's now been 11 months since my surgery and my INR fluctuates as gone as high as 2.9 and now currently at 2.2. I've been steady with my greens and tried not to fluctuate that too much (fingers crossed here). I eat 2 avos a week and green beans steadily but my brocolli intake is not too often these days I'm on 10mg for 5 days of the week and 9 mg for the other two days. Reducing my warfarin from 10mg to 8mg dropped my INR to 2.1 from 2.8 at one point. I was advised that it takes the body a couple of years before it stabilizes and each individual is different. I'm also not on any other medication. I was told (but not advised ) that alcohol does help with getting the INR higher :D Ash


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