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Hi Veronica: what a very interesting and informative post - thank you very much. You have already answered some of my questions but here is another that I'd be pleased if you might consider. I'm 70 and live in UK. DVT diagnosed in May 2017 and once my INR stabilised (initially abdominal heparin also - took a long time!) at about 2.5 then I was put onto 10 and 11mg warfarin on alternating days. I also wear support stockings every day. Things have been generally good and stable for 2-3 months and I was put on a blood testing regime at a 3 week interval. You guessed it, just like you my INR had gone up to 8 on Friday 01 Dec. The hospital clinic phoned me and said I should stop warfarin and come in for blood test again on Monday (which I will do, the 4th Dec). Like you were, I am worried about risk of haemorrhage of course. My question is: do you know how long it might take for the INR to come down and also, if I should stop taking diclofenac (NSAID) which I take for OA? I haven't been given any VitK supplements or drugs. Thanks Duncan


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