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My story started back in 1990. I was diagnosed with 13 DVT's after two visits to the emergency room for pain in lower back and left leg. My left calf was as huge as my thigh. They found the clots when the doctor they referred me to took one look at my leg and sent me to hospital for blood work, x-rays and a doppler study. As soon as the tech put the doppler wand on my ankle they started counting. At first the doctor told me it was the added weight of a pregnancy that caused the clots. They then did a protien s and c deficiency test. The reults said that was the problem, however at the time of the test I was on Coumadin which causes a false positive result. So the doctor had me stop the Coumadin for 1 week and retested me, no protien c or s deficiency. As of 2006 I have had a total of 23 blood clots all but 3 were DVT's. I have done the compression hoses but they cut off the circulation to my legs. In 2006, I had a sharp pain in my chest, lost all feeling in right side of my body and had lost my eyesite for less then 2 minutes. When eyesite came back I had tunnel vision. I was sent for a CT Scan which showed a major stroke had occurred. To find out why they did an echo of my heart and found a 28 millimeter hole in my atrial septum. In 2006, I went under heart catherization to repair the hole. It actually took 2 catherization surgeries to close the hole. After the second surgery I started having tia's (mini strokes). To date I have had 23 of them, plus another surgery to stop an atrial fibrillation caused from closing the atrial septum. I have also have had two heart attacks and another major stroke. To date the doctors have not figured out why I get the clots and I will be on Coumadin for the rest of my life.

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