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Im 35 218lbs and was diagnosed 8 days ago (Oct 11, 2018) With a pe and deep vein thrombosis in my left leg. Had no idea untill my left calf started hurting, im a physical guy, train in martial arts ect. I have had torn muscles before and thats what it felt like. Take it easy for a week or two and it will heal. Then about 3 days after I just got done in the bathroom I stepped into the hallway and all of a sudden my lungs felt like they were on fire and I started feeling light headed, really fast, I looked at my grandfather and said "I need to go to the hospital now!" Made it out to the SUV and collapsed before i could get in. Woke up to the ambulance got a cat scan and was diagnosed with a large saddle clot in my lungs. I went through the clot busting procedure where they stick catheters into your femeral veins, that shrank the clot, but its still there, now im paranoid about the clot and the meds im on warfarin, heparin and dilantin. Because I've read all about the brain hemorrhage stuff, im afraid to go to sleep. Im a mess right now. Im glad you made this site, because I need advice. Email me anytime.

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