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My INR must be between 3 and 3.5, low 2---I get clots---11 total so far, 5 arterial, 6 DVT-----Vitamin E is a natural blood thinner, if you do have to eat foods with Vitamin K, combat with Vitamin E.....I went for 4 yrs. between clots, when I quit my Vitamin E strict diet, thinking after 4 years, I was healed from clots..When I changed my diet --BANG--another DVT.....back on Vitamin E diet, but you get tired of eating the same old thing---and change--LOOK OUT, 3 yrs. later, Major arterial clots, presently in hospital again, this time, I have been here now 17 days, and they said I might get out tomorrow, or the next day----last 1.5 yrs. hospitalized 5 times----5 arterials , and 2 more DVT----It sucks yes, but no PE's yet--all clots in legs--9 in left, 2 in right to date.

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Hello, painful aren't they...I have had 5 arterial clots and 6 DVT's, + PAD, DVT Hypertension, Epidiymitis, and a few other minors....If my INR is in the 2 range, I get clots, and most who have had clots are to be in 2-3 range, I must be 3.0-3.5....I study everything I eat, Itry to stay away from Vit. K.......Vit E is a natural blood thinner.....My 1st --3 DVT's, all at the same time, left leg 2008, From 2008-2012 no clots, high Vit.E diet, then I changed my diet , less Vit E and BANG---more clots---study foods with High Vit.E and Low vit. K

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YOU OUGHT TO PRAISE GOD FOR 1 CLOT, PRESENTLY IN HOSPITAL WITH #"s 10 & 11, 5 arterial clots, 6 DVT....I know Lovenox---on it again, my stomach looks like someone worked me over, bruises all over my body, Your INR, you ought to be happy, Mine must be between 3.0-3.5, today's INR is 4.92, so another adjustment....5 Arterial clots and 2 DVT, since 7/2015, left leg, 1 DVT right leg 5/2012, 3 DVT left leg, all at same time, 3/2008....I could write a book on DVT, Arterial clots, INR and a whole lot more, actually been diagnosed with PAD, DVT, Chronic Epididymitus, Hyper Tension,, A-FIB, .....I am 5 times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than the average person. A self test would be wonderful, and have studied the INR machine COST----not for me, unless you can do better---yea every week it gets tested, and some weeks, when I get out of the range, 2 INR tests....I have gone from 2 mg. to 10 mg., and all inbetween +80 mg Lovenox. If I scratch a Mosquitto bite, it bleeds for days, last time was near 3 days, of course my INR was way over---5.9...very dangerous A bump on the head and I could have internal bleeding.... I'd like to see what your offer is, hopefully cheaper

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