INRTracker was founded in April 2012 as the definitive personal health management tool designed for Warfarin patients.

Warfarin is the most commonly prescribed blood thinner on the market. It's used to help patients with blood clots or at risk for blood clots.

INRTracker is a free web app and is also mobile friendly, available in English, Spanish, German and French and adjusts to any time zone available at http://inrtracker.com.

With INRTracker, Warfarin Patients can log their daily activity, analyze their blood test (INR) results, learn from articles backed by University and Government resources, use a suite of tools such as a Vitamin K Food Database, Sodium Food Database, DVT/PE Calculators, talk with other patients and non profits using our discussion forum, and generate easy to read reports to help themselves and their doctors to find out what may be causing fluctuations in their Warfarin therapy.

INRTracker LLC is a registered Limited Liability Company of the state of New Jersey in the United States. The company comprises of three members: Pavan Katepalli, Veronica Coulombe and ReliantHeart Inc.

INRTracker LLC is partnered, backed, and integrated with ReliantHeart, the maker of HeartAssist5®, The Next Generation LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device). A LVAD is an electromechanical circulatory device that is used to partially or completely replace the function of a failing heart.

For press inquiries email Co-Founder Pavan Katepalli at Pavan.Katepalli@INRTracker.com.

Features Available on INRTracker.com

All of these features are available for free to anyone that signs up to http://INRTracker.com.

  • You can easily log your Warfarin Dosages, INRs (blood test results), Vitamin K and other nutrients from a plethora of foods, Appointments, Blood Pressure, Wellness (bruises, fever, etc), Inactivity (time you sit or travel), Exercise, Weight, Compression Sock Usage, Temperature and Menstruation.
  • You get beautiful charts for your Warfarin, INRs, Blood Pressure, Wellness, Inactivity, Weight, Compression Sock usage, Temperature and Menstruation data.
  • You can set goals. Goals will then appear on your charts.
  • You can generate printer friendly Reports that include data and charts from the above features. These reports can be brought into your INR appointments and can help you and your doctor figure out what may be causing your INR fluctuations. This will ultimately aid in letting your doctor figure out the most approriate warfarin dosage is to give you.
  • You can get Email Reminders about your upcoming Doctor Appointments
  • You can use our INR Levels Tool to easily see what may have caused a low or high INR, and what treatment your doctor may provide.

    After logging an INR on INRTracker.com, you can click on it to get a full report about it through this tool.

    All information in this tool is backed by Government and University Resources.
  • You can browse and search through our Vitamin K Food Database. The database has interactive food pages. Food pages include a nutritional calculator, a dynamic chart that shows how much of a food you can eat based on vitamin k content, comparisons of a food's vitamin k content to dozens of other foods.

    All nutritional data is backed by the USDA's nutritional database. Our database has the vitamin k for 4,879 foods.
  • You can browse our Sodium Food Database which has sodium data on 8,342 foods.
  • You can use our DVT Calculator. This DVT Calculator is what doctors use to initially diagnose you to figure out what tests to do next.

    The questions are written out in plain english and are completely based off of the Wells DVT Test.
  • You can use our Pulmonary Embolism Calculator, which is similar to the DVT Calculator but has questions that are focused around a Pulmonary Embolism.

    The questions are based off of the Wells Pulmonary Embolism Test, which is what doctors use, but we use plain english so anyone can use it.
  • Test your vitamin k knowledge, using our fun and challenging vitamin k quizzes.
  • Learn from articles backed by University and Government resources
  • Chat with other Warfarin Patients and non profits.

Our Story

For press inquiries email Co-Founder Pavan Katepalli at Pavan.Katepalli@INRTracker.com.

Veronica and Pavan aren't just a young couple. They’re the Co-Founders of INRTracker.com.

It all began in early 2012 when Veronica Coulombe, a 20 something front end developer got a blood clot in her leg (Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT) and also in her lung (Pulmonary Embolism – PE).

Although 1/6 people who get a DVT/PE die, Veronica survived.

To dissolve the clots and prevent future clots, her doctor prescribed her Warfarin.

Veronica later met Pavan Katepalli at her day job. Eventually their work blossomed into a relationship.

While on Warfarin, Veronica had to constantly watch what she ate (especially Vitamin K) and had to get her blood tested weekly (an INR Test) to make sure that her Warfarin dosage was affective. Veronica had to keep everything she did consistent - especially her diet.

If she faltered in diet, her Warfarin could either be further induced or inhibited and she could suffer from internal bleeding or from blood clots.

To make matters worse, food labels don't include Vitamin K, and virtually every drug interacts with Warfarin so she was left feeling overwhelmed.

The stress on Veronica was enormous. As her boyfriend, Pavan felt her pain.

So Pavan embarked on a journey to learn to code. He built a prototype application to let Veronica log her data quickly and easily, and generate reports for her doctor.

Veronica was able to plan her meals out using the application and was able to better understand the Vitamin K and other factors that were affecting her.

Veronica as a front-end developer herself saw the potential in the application, so she helped bring the application to the web.

Fast forward a bit, and INRTracker has raised funding from Houston based Biotech Company, ReliantHeart Inc. ReliantHeart is led by Serial Entrepreneur Rodger Ford.

INRTracker is also integrated with ReliantHeart's HeartAssist5®, a LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device). A LVAD is an electromechanical circulatory device that is used to partially or completely replace the function of a failing heart.


INRTracker got its name from the blood test that patients on Warfarin have to take to see if their dosage is correct - called an INR Test.

The K in our logo stands out because it stands for Vitamin K. Vitamin K directly correlates with the amount of Warfarin a patient needs to take. INRTracker lets patients easily track their Vitamin K.

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This is how a patient tracks their Vitamin K on INRTracker

INRTracker is integrated with ReliantHeart's HeartAssist5®, a LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device). A LVAD is an electromechanical circulatory device that is used to partially or completely replace the function of a failing heart.

Patients of ReliantHeart's HeartAssist5® use INRTracker and INRTracker sends that data to ReliantHeart's dashboard for clinicians. This aids in the patient diagnosis.


This is what patients see when logging into INRTracker.


The Foods Feature on INRTracker




These are charts that are available to Patients and also in a report that Patients can generate.

INR Chart

Warfarin Chart

BP Pressure Chart

Menstruation Pain Intensity Chart

Weight Chart

Compression Stocking Chart

Wellness Pain Intensity Chart

Inactivity Length Chart

Inactivity Pie Chart

Wellness Pie Chart

Mensturation Pie Chart

Temperature Chart

The Appointments Feature on INRTracker

Scheduling a New Appointment


Appointments With Notifications


Veronica Coulombe | Co-Founder

Veronica Coulombe

Veronica has done web development for brands like Barnes & Noble, American Express, and Direct TV. She played an integral role in launching a multi million dollar internet marketing product for Lexis Nexis by handling product management.

Most importantly, she is a former Warfarin Patient and has a genetic blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden. As a patient of Warfarin, she quickly discovered how difficult of a drug it is to manage. INR Tracker is designed for people like her to better deal with the treatment process.

Veronica Graduated Cum Laude, is a Paul Robeson Scholar and has a Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University.

LinkedIn | Portfolio

Pavan Katepalli | Co-Founder

Pavan Katepalli

In the past, Pavan has worked as a Developer for MediaMath in New York City, a leading Ad Tech Company. At MediaMath he played a key role in launching an internal Business Intelligence platform to automate operations, billing, work assignment and discrepancy analysis.

Pavan is also an Adjunct Instructor teaching advanced web technologies at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City.

At the young age of 22, he was a featured speaker on Ted.com. Pavan has a Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University.

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Shari Hussenbocus RDN, CDE | Consultant Dietician

Shari is a registered dietitian specializing in naturopathic medical nutrition for women and children. She is currently doing her MS in Nutrition & Health Promotion at Mississippi State University with the aim of helping others achieve optimal health with real foods.

Her passion is to discover the root cause of disease instead of simply trying to mask the symptoms. Shari is the founder of NutriHeal, absolutely loves HIIT and regularly plays volleyball.



INRTracker is partnered, backed, and integrated with ReliantHeart, the maker of HeartAssist5®, The Next Generation LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device). A LVAD is an electromechanical circulatory device that is used to partially or completely replace the function of a failing heart.

ReliantHeart is led by CEO and Co-Founder, Rodger G. Ford. Mr. Ford is a serial entrepreneur and very successful in building profitable businesses. Prior to ReliantHeart, he served as the CEO of SynCardia.

During his tenure as CEO of SynCardia, Mr. Ford guided and directed the development of two new driver systems for powering the Total Artificial Heart. He guided the raise of capital that funded the development and launch of the Freedom portable driver, the world's first wearable power supply for the Total Artificial Heart.

Under his leadership, SynCardia installed modern and effective business systems, such as MasterControl, quality management system software that was also later selected by the FDA. In addition, he recruited an experienced management team that transformed SynCardia from a "science project" into a celebrated bioscience company.


“INRTracker has been a great way for me to get my INR levels in a healthy range. It allows me to calculate my average Vitamin K intake for the week allowing me to enjoy small salads and some green food again! I am excited about the new dashboard, which will provide me additional ways to track my medications, blood pressure ranges and other helpful information for my doctor. Through the INR Tracker I have been able to pinpoint fluctuations in my INR. Instead of testing every week or every 2 weeks I am now able to test once a month and in the future will be able to test every 3 months!”
— Shauna Christine



Over 41,000 entries have been made by patients on INRTracker.

INRTracker has thousands of registered patients.


INRTracker is funded by, integrated and partnered with ReliantHeart, a biotech Company based in Houston, Texas.

ReliantHeart is the maker of the maker of HeartAssist5®, a LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device).

Patients of ReliantHeart's HeartAssist5® use INRTracker and INRTracker sends that data to ReliantHeart's dashboard for clinicians. This aids in the patient diagnosis.


Each year in the US 300,000 to 600,000 people experience dangerous blood clots. They experience a blood clot in the leg (Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT) and/or a blood clot in the lung (Pulmonary Embolism - PE). Of those, 60,000 to 100,000 Americans die each year. 1

  • That's twice as many deaths than breast cancer. 10
  • Three times as many deaths than car accidents. 11

Warfarin is the most commonly prescribed anticoagulant medicine on the market. 2 It is prescribed to patients who have suffered from a DVT/PE.

1/3 of people who get a DVT have either Factor V Leiden or another genetic mutation. 8

Over 10 million people in the US have Factor V Leiden (about 4.4 percent of Caucasians have Factor V Leiden). The condition is less common in Latin Americans and African-Americans and is extremely rare in people of Asian descent. 6 7

Factor V Leiden is one of the most common Monogenic disorders in the Caucasian population. 7

Factor V Leiden Homozygotes have close to a 100% lifetime risk of a thrombotic event. 8

Warfarin is ranked first in number of deaths for drugs causing "adverse effects in therapeutic use". Beating out Insulin. 3

In total in the U.S. alone 20 million people are on Warfarin, and each year 2 million new patients are prescribed Warfarin. 4

Warfarin is effective but is tough for patients and doctors to manage because Warfarin interacts with most medicines and foods. Failing to manage the Warfarin can lead to death via the blood clot or an extreme bleeding event. Patients take blood tests called INRs to make sure they are taking the correct dosage. 5

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  • November 2014

    New launch of website with additional features

  • August 2014

    INRTracker partnered with ReliantHeart

  • April 2012

    INRTracker was founded and beta version was created

  • January 2012

    Pavan coded a mini-website for Veronica to help her manage her Warfarin therapy

  • April 2011

    Veronica and Pavan met

  • March 2011

    Veronica experienced a DVT and pulmonary embolism. She began Warfarin therapy.

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