Flower red  ozzy wrote over 3 years ago

i am doing this for my husband as he hates computers. i do all the cooking and i dont eat meat but eat fish and loads of veg, i also cook soya mince which he loves but i understand soya is bad for him as very high in k. i feel very confused and worried as it seems i now have to monitor his sfood. the nurse in the hospital actually said as long as he never over eats anything high like broccoli theres nothing to worry about and its not as bad as it sounds as our diet is quite healthy anyway but i am worried as this is o new to us, can someone dispell my worries please

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Cool dog  Tsapp9 - (140) - posted about 3 years ago

If he eats green leaf vegetables he must eat the same amount each day and you have to let your dr know so he can adjust the warfran mg if needed

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