Kitty in a hammock  MaryDee wrote over 3 years ago

I'm writing with a question for my Mom who is in her late 70s and has been taking warfarin since 1996 when it was discovered that she had antiphospholipid syndrome.
Lately her PT/INR values have been very labile, and this is very concerning because when her value gets to low and she is in a hypercoaguable state, she begins to have stroke symptoms.
One of the reasons that we believe that her PT/INR is so labile is because she has not been consistent with her Vitamin K intake. So lately, with encouragement, she has been tracking her food and daily Vitamin K intake. She currently has a daily Vitamin K intake goal of 300 mcg, and most days she has been meeting this goal with no problems.
Unfortunately, she also suffers from IBS and when she has an attack, she recovers by minimal eating (chicken broth, etc.). Side note: she has also been working on eating a more healthy diet in general, to limit the occurrences of these IBS attacks.
Long story, but finally, here is my question: On these days when she can't eat due to an IBS attack, can she instead take a Vitamin K replacement to help her meet and maintain her daily Vitamin K intake goal of 300 mcg?
I've looked online a little bit and I see there are liquid forms of Vitamin K, but there is a K1 and also a K2.

I've called the nurse at my mom's hematologist office, and thus the ping pong game has started - I was told to talk to PCP office about it - they will probably tell us to talk to someone else about it, etc.

So if anyone on here has run into a similar problem or can offer advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Dog and kitten sleep  mariebarger - - posted about 3 years ago

I was told the daily recommended vitamin k should only be 90 mcg. You may want to ask about this.

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