Brachiosaurus  Braxton wrote 10 months ago


I have been on Warfarin for many years and until recently would go to the lab monthly to have the INR test. Fortunately my INR was always pretty stable results being between 2.0 and 2.5. I now have to go weekly to the lab because for the last 6 weeks the INR results have been going from low to high. One week it is 1.8 and then the next week it is 3.5. The doctor of course keeps adjusting the Warfarin dosage. I am very careful with my diet and do not eat foods that are high in vitamin K.. I had pneumonia recently and was on penicillin for 10 days but finished that medication on the 7th December so that should be out of my system. by now. Quite the puzzle as to why the sudden change. Anyone experienced this?

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Tiger  Sassyspy - - posted 8 months ago

Now I am 5.4. Have received home testing equipment, but its very hard to get a good finger stick, Ive wasted a lot of test strips!
I am actually following guidance from internet as to how to adjust dosage per inr result. Takes too long to get dr instruction when I call it in to service, service contacts dr, dr contacts me. Just too long and I think more dangerous for me.
So, now I am holding my warfarin dose today, take 1/2 usual dose tomorrow, and will test the next day.
Eventually I will stabilize, or die, I guess.

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Black lambo  blexie - (38) - posted 8 months ago

penicillin will make your inr go up, coauguchek XS machine is what I use, I test Twice a week and I adjust dosage as necessary.

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Tiger  Sassyspy - - posted 9 months ago

I dont know how old this post is, but I am having very similar problems. But my INR has gotten as high as 12!! Required hospitalization obviously. Vitamin k took it down to 1.5, then it took a few weeks to get it back up to 3
Well 3 days ago was 4.9. Today is 4.5. Im going nuts trying to stabilize again.
Im trying to get approved for home testing, I think I would do better if able to test myself after a potential altering event.
If you have stabilized by now, could you update on the cause and solution?

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