Parakeets  bjc wrote almost 5 years ago

I am a previous user of the INR tracker. At that time you had a calendar where I listed everything I ate. The calendar gave you the individual Vit K mg plus ran a daily then a weekly total. I was able to keep my vitamin K input within a range that had my INR between 2..4 and 2.6. Now it seems that I will have to keep the totals in a notebook. Am I missing something?

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Dog and kitten sleep  Veronica - - posted almost 5 years ago

You aren't missing anything :) We plan on bringing back the calendar view and improving the food search functionality early next year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Puppy sleep  Cindy in nj - (8) - posted almost 4 years ago

Has this been redone and how does it work? Thank you for all of your efforts with this site.

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Kitten baby chick  rickaguilar - - posted over 4 years ago

Have you reimplemented the calendar? Do you have some other way of calculating totals of Vit K for any given day....what about the VItK in Omega 3 Fish oils? Is there a way to add that to the medication List?

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